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2PM - Thailand Special Edition

 Album : Thailand Special Edition
Artist/Bands : 2PM
Release : 25 June 2009

Track List :

Disc 1

01.10점 만점에 10점 [Korean]   
02.Only You [Korean]
03.Angel [Korean]   
04.10점 만점에 10점 (Old School Ver.)   
05.10점 만점에 10점 (instrumental)   
06.Only You (instrumental)
07.Angel (instrumental)

Disc 2

01.What Time Is It Now   
02.Again & Again [Korean]
03.니가 밉다 [Korean]   
04.돌아올지도 몰라 [Korean]
06.Again & Again (instrumental)
07.니가 밉다 (instrumental)   
08.돌아올지도 몰라 (instrumental)

Disc 3

01.10(sip)jeom manjeome 10(sip)jeom (10 out of 10) [Romanization]        
02.Only You [Romanization]   
03.Angel [Romanization]   
04.10(sip)jeom manjeome 10(sip)jeom (10 out of 10) (Old School Ver.)     05.10(sip)jeom manjeome 10(sip)jeom (10 out of 10)(instrumental)        
06.Only You (instrumental)
07.What Time Is It Now
08.Again & Again [Romanization]   
09.Niga Mipda (I Hate You) [Romanization]   
10.Doraoljido Molla (I Might Come Back) [Romanization]
11.Again & Again (R&B Mix)[Romanization]
12.Again & Again (instrumental)   
13.Niga Mipda (I Hate You) (instrumental)
14.Doraoljido Molla (I Might Come Back) (instrumental)

Disc 4

01.10 out of 10 [English]   
02.Only You [English]
03.Angel [English]   
04.10 out of 10 (Old School Ver.)   
05.10 out of 10 (instrumental)
06.Only You (instrumental)   
07.What Time Is It Now   
08.Again & Again [English]   
09.I Hate You [English]
10.I Might Come Back [English]
11.Again & Again (R&B Mix) [English]
12.Again & Again (instrumental)   
13.I Hate You (instrumental)   
14.I Might Come Back (instrumental)

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